Breakaway and Self-defence Training

If you or your staff need or want a recognised formal National Vocational Self Defence Qualification, then this is the course for you. It is ideal for:

NHS staff, Care Workers, Social Workers, Public Transport Workers, Education Staff, Drug & Alcohol Service Workers, Shop Workers, lone Workers, Charity Workers, Security Staff, Debt Collectors/ Repossession Agents and anyone else working directly face to face with the public and at risk from physical assault whilst going about their employment duties.


The Courses

Used internationally by  Charities, Health Care Professionals, Security Companies and by private individuals.


They are NOT sport, Hollywood or martial art seminars. No need to be fit, agile or do the splits! We service those needing REAL world Self Protection advice, and simple, effective, workable skills training. We can provide tailor-made courses for your own requirements or a BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Breakaway & Self Defence for those needing a recognised Regulated Qualification.

The course will give delegates a way of defending oneself that is legally correct & defensible, delivered in a Health & Safety compliant way, and results in a Pearson/ Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Breakaway & Self Defence for successful candidates.


No previous experience or qualifications are needed, nor do delegates need to be “super fit”. Just the basic physical ability to complete physical skills training and the personal ability to attend a classroom course and sit written exam papers in the English language.

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Consider This

Have you considered that under your duty of care as an employer, and under health & safety legislation, you need to provide your staff with adequate training? Failing to do som, at-risk employees sustaining an injury at work could possibly sue you.

Can you or your staff quickly recognise situations that are turning potentially violent?

Can you or your staff diffuse/ safely break away from/ deal with/ and get away from these situations?

Do you or your staff understand the Law regarding Defence of themselves and/or others, so that they can protect themselves and your company legally?

Additionally, have you considered the additional benefit of the team building these courses provide?


The Trainer(s)

Our trainers have the BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Self Defence Instruction and are members of the National Federation for Personal Safety (


They are DBS cleared, fully insured for Public Liability & Professional Indemnity, and qualified in First Aid and AED. All staff adhere to our privacy notice, and Data Protection regulations, and we are ICO registered.


We have been used internationally by Charities, Health Care Professionals, Security Companies and Private individuals.

Delivery of training is a mixture of some computer presentations (not too long!), discussion, handouts and of course practical skills training & role-play exercises using full equipment.

The Proprietor and lead trainer is a Professional working Close Protection Operative (bodyguard) licensed by the Security Industry Authority (UK), and a qualified Personal Protection Specialist with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service (USA).

He has over 17 years of experience working with Politicians, Royal and Presidential families, Business people and Actors in 35 countries. He, moreover, has over 25 years of experience as a trainer, and former Group Training Manager for two PLC’s.


Self-protection / Ad-hoc Courses

Agendas may include:

The Law

Victim selection

Awareness & Avoidance

Pre Conflict Rituals

Body Language

Verbal Abuse

Adrenaline & Fear


Crisis Planning

Most common physical attacks

Easy to learn workable techniques

Weapon Awareness & Survival

Plus other areas as required

Private tuition

If you are a private individual preferring a one to one approach for tailor-made/ ad hoc tuition this can also be arranged. Call +44 (0) 7307 169189

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