Surveillance Services

Professional investigations

We offer our services to Private individuals, Business owners, HR professionals, Local Authorities, and Solicitors.


Types of Surveillance

Foot/vehicle surveillance:

On employees suspected of fraudulent sickness claims/ absenteeism, to confirm your suspicions of a cheating partner, to establish the real situation/ personality/ lifestyle of a prospective partner/ spouse.

Static surveillance:

Watching your business premises, religious premises, home or land etc for theft, break in, hate crimes, trespass, fly tipping,

Covert tracking:

We can also arrange covert cameras, CCTV, Trackers, and technical security countermeasures such as bug sweeps. 

Moving People

About Surveillance

We provide highly professional, trustworthy Surveillance operatives with many years’ experience in either Security Services, Military or Investigation backgrounds. They tactfully and thoroughly gather the information, intelligence and evidence you need.

Our Associates can help with issues such as:

  • Cheating partners

  • Fraudulent sickness claims/ absenteeism

  • Potential Business partners

  • Theft/ destruction

  • Pre matrimonial partners

  • & many more...

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Surveillance Process

First, our Director or Manager will arrange an initial meeting with you. Here we will establish your exact needs and budget. A detailed plan and quotation can then be put to you. After this meeting, our Operative(s) will be fully briefed on their duties, as per your requirements.


On longer operations, a Manager will communicate with you regularly to update you of progress, and discuss any changes they recommend, or that you feel are necessary.

On completion, a full written report will be given to you. This will detail our findings, show any video stills, and include a copy of any film taken. These will be full time and date stamped. The report will also make recommendations for any further action suggested.


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