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Providing Breakaway training, Self Defence Training, First Aid Training, Team Development Training, Surveillance And Investigations, Close Protection in Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom but operating both nationally and Internationally. Please let us know your situation, you will be dealt with in absolute confidence. Call +44 (0) 7307 169189



Self Protection Advice & Self Defence Training.

Professional courses for Companies, Authorities and Private Individuals.

Please let us know your situation. We can then discuss your requirements in detail and in absolute confidence.

From UK press………….

90% of people live in fear of crime

2 out 3 have been burgled, beaten, or had theft

Women feel especially vulnerable…….though men are the most likely victims

Knife crime is up by 22%

Gun crime is up by 11%

The Need

Following Risk & Threat assessments (which we can provide, along with site security surveys if required) many companies realise the need for Self Protection skills for their staff. 

Members of the public also feel the same in this day and age. The reasons are many but can include:

Workplace violence 

Business travel

Holidays & Adventures


Car jacking


Gap years

Even walking around town, socialising, etc because of acid attacks, knife/ Terrorist attack, moped gangs, or when at home due to fear of domestic violence, burglary, racism, sex offences etc.

The Courses

Used internationally by Charities, Health Care Professionals, Security Companies etc and by private individuals. They are NOT sport, Hollywood or martial art seminars. No need to be fit, agile or do the splits! We service those needing REAL world Self Protection advice, and simple, effective, workable skills training. We can provide tailor made courses for your own requirements or a BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Breakaway & Self Defence for those needing a recognised National Vocational Qualification.


Breakaway & Self Defence - BTEC Level 2 Certificate

If you or your staff need or want a recognised formal National Vocational Self Defence Qualification then this is the course for you. It is therefore ideal for NHS staff, Care Workers, Social Workers, Public Transport Workers, Education Staff, Drug & Alcohol Service Workers, Shop Workers, lone Workers, Charity Workers, Security Staff, Debt Collectors/ Repossession Agents and anyone else working directly face to face with the public and at risk from physical assault whilst going about their employment duties.

The course will give delegates a way of defending oneself that is legally correct & defensible, delivered in a Health & Safety compliant way, and result in a Pearson/ Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Breakaway & Self Defence for successful candidates. This is a one day course. No previous experience or qualifications are needed, nor do delegates need to be “super fit”. Just the basic physical ability to complete physical skills training and the personal ability to attend a class room course and sit written exam papers in the English language.

Consider this:

Have you considered that under your duty of care as an employer, and under health & safety legislation that you need to provide your staff with adequate training?……at risk employees sustaining an injury at work could possibly sue you.

Can you or your staff quickly recognise situations that are turning potentially violent?

Can you or your staff diffuse/ safely break away from/ deal with/ and get away from these situations?

Do you or your staff understand the Law regarding Defence of themselves and/ or others, so that they can protect themselves and your company legally?

The additional benefit of the team building these courses provide?

Self Protection - ad hoc Courses

We can also provide tailor made courses to meet your own exact requirements. 

Agenda’s may include:

The Law

Victim selection

Awareness & Avoidance

Pre Conflict Rituals

Body Language

Verbal Abuse

Adrenaline & Fear


Crisis Planning

Most common physical attacks

Easy to learn workable techniques

Weapon Awareness & Survival

Plus other areas as required

Private tuition

If you are a private individual preferring a one to one approach for tailor made/ ad hoc tuition this can also be arranged. Call +44 (0) 7307 169189

The Trainer (s)

Our trainers have the BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Self Defence Instruction, and are members of the National Federation for Personal Safety ( They are DBS cleared, fully insured for Public Liability & Professional Indemnity, and qualified in First Aid and AED. All staff adhere to our privacy notice, and Data Protection regulations, and we are ICO registered. We have been used internationally by Charities, Health Care Professionals, Security Companies and Private individuals.

Delivery is a mixture of some computer presentations (not too long!), discussion, handouts and of course practical skills training & role play exercises using full equipment.

The Proprietor and lead trainer is a Professional working Close Protection Operative (bodyguard) licensed by the Security Industry Authority (UK), and a qualified Personal Protection Specialist with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service (USA).

He has over 15 years experience working with Politicians, Royal and Presidential families, Business people, Actors etc in 35 countries. Also has over 25 years experience as a trainer, and former Group Training Manager for two PLC’s.


“The trainer fits in and stands out. We really enjoyed the outstanding courses. They were very well structured containing theoretical and practical elements, useful for both professional and day to day use. We relaxed, we had fun, and most importantly we learnt things and developed our skills. An experience to remember.”

Mihai Popa

Director of Myosotis Association



“I work in an environment where our clients have challenging behaviours. I decided to go on a self Protection/ Defence course to instill confidence when tackling situations. The content of the course exceeded anything of the companies I have worked for. The course was also relevant and useful for my everyday life. I am now more aware of my surroundings and feel confident to know what to do In a potentially aggressive or challenging situation, wherever I am. I would highly recommend the trainer and course to anybody”

K. Price

Team Manager for ALD MK

United Kingdom


“Excellent training experience. The innovative modular training is easy to learn whether you are a novice or experienced individual. ...very knowledgable and an extremely talented instructor, he not only teaches the required skills but he actually wants the students to learn and succeed. I would highly recommend this course and the benefits of these simple to learn, yet highly effective, techniques for confidence building and self- defense”

Jason Riffer

Protective Operations Manager



“I work in the canine industry and work alone in an outdoor environment where any potential risk/ danger situation could happen at any time. This course was so valuable to me, particularly as I am self employed and work alone”

Kari Self

Kari’s K9’s

United Kingdom


Please let us know your situation. We can then discuss your requirements in detail and in absolute confidence. 

We also provide courses in

First Aid:

Level 2 Basic Life Support & Safe Use Of an Automated External Defibrillator,

Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work,

Level 3 First Aid at Work,

Level 3 First Aid Response.

Team Development, Leadership,  Presentations, and more to follow.

Copyright 2018 Vordr

Investigations & Surveillance

Professional investigations for:

Private individuals

Business owners

HR professionals

Local Authorities



About us:

We provide highly professional, trustworthy Surveillance operatives with many years experience in either Security Services, Military or Investigation backgrounds. They will tactfully and thoroughly gather the information, intelligence and evidence you need. Our Associates can help with issues such as:

Cheating partners

Fraudulent sickness claims/ absenteeism

Potential Business partners

Theft/ destruction

Pre matrimonial partners

& more...


Foot/ vehicle surveillance - on employees suspected of fraudulent sickness claims/ absenteeism, to confirm your suspicions of a cheating partner, to establish the real situation/ personality/ lifestyle of a prospective partner/ spouse.

Static surveillance - watching your business premises, religious premises, home or land etc for theft, break in, hate crimes, trespass, fly tipping.

We can also arrange covert cameras, CCTV, Trackers, and technical security counter measures such as bug sweeps. 


Firstly a Director or Manager will arrange an initial meeting with you. Here we will discuss our Privacy Notice, confirm your Identity and authority for an investigation, and then establish your exact needs and budget. A detailed plan and quotation can then be put to you. After this meeting our Operative(s) will be fully briefed on their duties, as per your requirements.

On longer operations a Manager will communicate with you regularly to update you of progress, and discuss any changes they recommend, or that you feel are necessary. 

On completion a full written report will be given to you. This will detail our findings, show any video stills, and include a copy of any film taken. These will be fully time and date stamped. The report will also make recommendations for any further action suggested. Call +44 (0) 7307 169189

Close Protection 

Internationally experienced (Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, India, Kenya, Brazil, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Australia, U.K.), fit, well presented, highly motivated, focused, professional S.I.A. licensed Close Protection Operative and Qualified in USA as a Personal Protection Specialist. Also qualified in Advanced Handgun, Assault Rifle, First Person on Scene -  Intermediate, First Aid, AED and Advanced Driving. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. I have a proven record of high standard work both individually and as part of small and large teams. 

Principals (the protected person) have included Politicians, members of Royal and Presidential families, Actors, Business owners, and Corporate Executives.

This experience includes all aspects of Security Advances such as assessing hotels, arranging VIP arrivals/ departures at airports & Private FBO's, vehicle selection/ checking, route checking, sourcing Police/ hospital locations and even rescue teams for air/ road emergency evacuation in remote locations.

Personal Escort experience includes Detail Leader, main Bodyguard, back up Bodyguard, Extraction Team and security driver roles (my skills also include advanced driving and I have driven most types of vehicles and in many countries).

In a Residential security role we have worked in both private house & hotel environments, performing access controls, patrols and CCTV duties. Call +44 (0) 7307 169189

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